Physical Activity (SOS)


Physical activity can improve mood and relieve stress. On a physical level, these types of activities can lessen the chemicals within our body that make us prone to things like depression, anxiety, agitation, etc. Below is a list of physical activities you can do anywhere, anytime.

How it Works

1. Physical Activity

For the purpose of this S.O.S. planning it is helpful to identify forms of activity which can be done quickly and in limited space. These may include:

  • Jumping jacks/push ups
  • Dance (this can include chair dancing and car seat dancing)
  • Short walk/run
  • Stretching

2. Simple Stretch

  • Start with your hands at your side (you can do this sitting or standing)
  • Turn your palms up and stretch your arms up over your head as you breathe in
  • Keep your hands close together, palms down, elbows out, and bring them down to our waist as you breathe out through your mouth (you can add sound if you like)

Downloadable Handouts